"A few months back, my Xbox was in serious trouble. Every time I inserted a disk, I saw the dreaded 'Open Tray' error. I was annoyed as hell, since I didn't remember dropping it or even moving it for that matter.

After about a month I decided it was time to get my baby fixed. I looked online for tutorials about cleaning the laser - but decided against doing it myself since it's hard for me to open a bottle of wine let alone an Xbox. Turns out the laser was shot anyway, so cleaning it would not have done much.

That's where Paul at the GEEKsters comes in. I googled 'fix Xbox LA' and sure enough their website came up. Who wants to go through the hassle of sending it to Microsoft? I e-mailed him explaining the problems I had on a Sunday, and he replied within a matter of hours saying fixing it would be a piece of cake. We scheduled a time for a Pick Up on Friday - and he had it ready by Monday, one day before Modern Warfare 2 came out. Worked like new.

If you're in the LA area, don't waste your time sending your Xbox to Microsoft - just shoot Paul an e-mail. The guy actually picks up and delivers for NO CHARGE. If I have any other problems with my Xbox, I'll be sure to give GEEKsters a ring. I'd definitely suggest using their services for any gaming or tech problems you may have."

Los Angeles, CA

"Service was amazingly quick!!! I highly recommend!!! Customer Service was quick to follow up and Paul accommodated my city by having a drop off in Garden Grove. Kids love it and looks like my screen looked like before."

Junior Z
Fullerton, CA

"Awesome service!

My PS3 (original FAT 60GB, bought in 2007) stopped reading discs (games, DVDs, blu-ray's, audio CD's). After some research online, all symptoms suggested to me was a bad/burnt laser diode.

Called up The GEEKsters, spoke with Paul, described the symptoms and sure enough he said "it's your laser".

I was quoted by Sony that the repair would cost $150 and I had to pay for my shipping and handling back and forth, and an estimated time frame of 4-6 weeks. Paul quoted me $129 and turn around time of 30-60 minutes!

I dropped off my PS3 to The GEEKsters, went and got a quick hair cut, came back. Paul was finishing it up, at which point he offered me a seat on their couch, turned on XBOX 360, gave me a CD case of games to play while I waited. 10 minutes later he was done and I was out the door.

Very pleasant experience with this place, would recommend to anybody and will definitely go back if I have any electronic repair needs (hopefully not)

Did I mention their repair on my PS3 came with a 90 day warranty! Awesome!."

Shant G
Los Angeles, CA

"This place was terrific. My son's Ps3 was broken and GEEKsters sent someone to pick it off and drop it off the following day. There was no waiting at all. It's actually been 3 months and we've had no problems. Their techs were especially helpful when I bombarded them with 20 questions and they charged a fare price. Thank you Geeksters!!"

Michelle S
Huntington Park, CA

"I needed my DC jack repaired on my laptop. The GEEKsters provided me with excellent customer service and repaired my dc jack in a timely manner. Best rating for their staff and service, and I will definitely use them again in the future."

Anand D
Glendale, CA



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